I agreed

I agreed During service the priest discussed a fragment from the Bible where it is said about a body as about the temple as a hobby and that he needs to be contained in the best form.

Later that day we continued this subject with mother, and she remembered drugs and that their use contradicts this fragment.

I agreed with it in the most part, but explained that some drugs are used for the medical purposes, and others do not possess long influence.

At last, we spoke almost whole hour about those consequences for our health which arise after use of various drugs, and our conversation was absolutely quite good.

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Thus it was somehow

Thus it was somehow I so would formulate a paradoxical conclusion: the first generation young kitezhan though lived with us, but did not live in a community.

The community of adults existed in itself, and children interacted that with adoptive parents, with teachers, without feeling integrity of a social organism.

We thought that children will automatically adopt a way of life and values of adults.

Thus it was somehow forgotten that in usual life this rule works not always.

Only gradually we understood that to live together does not mean yet to divide ideals.

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And it prodol

And it prodol I could not understand about what she speaks.

And it prodol reaped that I have problems with alcoholism, and I have to recognize it.

When I asked why she so thinks, she answered that that I drank, I become tipsy.

Then I took an interest when she saw it.

It appeared, once at the last party.

I only also could what to burst out laughing.

Ben Ramona, Kansas.

Unfair charge of the daughter of alcoholism will not bring anything, except alienation.

If you go for confrontation with the child without real confirmations of existence at him similar problems, it will be very easy for it to reject all your charges.

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The past, failures

The past, failures Now I explain it to Lilke.

The past, failures and fears prevent to live.

I when remember them, I have a jimjams and inside it becomes opposite.

And quite recently I learned to reject, forget these bad things them.

Even not to pull along a trifle from the past.

It is just like that easier for me.

You realize, what you todays the new personality, and do not bear responsibility for the past?

Not absolutely so.

I really realize that I am the new personality, and concerning responsibility … After all, in the past it was too I, but I do not feel guilty for the last acts.

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The child

The child So gradually the new aspirations and desires attracting him to deep changes waken in the child.

But all this is reached not by lectures and orders, but statement and study of life situations.

The child is put before next a vital call, it is offered to overcome own weakness, inability, ignorance etc.

Adults and mentors watch that this call was not excessive, help to comprehend creatively rising tasks, stimulate free search of decisions.

IN KITEZH THE IDEAL DEVELOPING ENVIRONMENT NONIDEAL ADULTS BY METHOD OF OWN TESTS AND MISTAKES TRY TO CREATE THIS But special conditions of adult relationship are necessary for normal education of children who already endured crash of all system of vital values once and need a complete image of the RELIABLE, CONSISTENT, SAFE WORLD.

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